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  •           From the source to ensure that product quality and safety, for the global consumer safety, green, healthy edible fungus products, Sanyou Company adopt a "company + base + farmer " mode, vigorously promote the base construction, the planting area of more than 40000square meters, using three-dimensional planting of greenhouse technology, construction of more than 200standard of greenhouse, planting scale of more than 20 million bags, through a unified supply, unified technical guidance, unified cultivate management standardization, standardization of operation of the demonstration effect, drive broad contract growers scientific planting edible fungi. In addition, in order to promote the foreign advanced technology of big canopy, the company invested more than 2000 yuan from the Spanish imported modernized greenhouse, through the study of digestion and draw lessons from innovation, further enhancing the domestic edible mushroom greenhouse planting level, improve the production of edible fungi.

               At present, in addition to the base guarantee normal supply of raw materials, but also bear the Sanyou ( Suizhou) mushroom research and development center, new species, new materials, new technologies such as the experimental task, any new results must be first at the base of pilot test was carried out before the promotion, the majority of farmers in the techniques to minimize risk, effective protection of the majority of farmers, to maintain the sustained and healthy development of the edible mushroom industry.

               In addition, with the exception of the base, Sanyou company in Hubei province Suizhou City three Town, Jingmen City, the town mayor of Xiangyang Township, invested heavily in the construction of the standardization of edible fungus cultivation demonstration bases, for the company's product safety of raw materials provide a source of protection. 
            " Chinese mushrooms town" three post in the base: is located in state-level scenic tourist area of Hongshan, geographical location, climate is appropriate, since there is growing mushrooms edible fungus tradition, in the construction of the first large-scale standardized edible fungus cultivation demonstration bases, the base of the demonstration effect, led the surrounding area 70 many villages, more than 5households of farmers planting level promotion, effectively promote the local farmer to add close, ensure the quality and safety of raw materials companies.

              The town of Greenwood base: Jingmen city Jingshan Greenwood County town is located deep in the mountains, is rich in resources, appropriate climate, Sanyou food in the construction of a large log mushroom cultivation base, cultivates dimensions to achieve more than one hundred thousand cylinder, to ensure that the company's high-end products supply of raw materials.

              Long town base: Xiangfan city Nanzhang county is located in the hinterland of Shennongjia, in order to make full use of local forest resources, guide a mountainous area people develop avocation, guide a mountainous area people to become rich go straight towards well-off, Sanyou Company in Nanzhang County town investment is huge endowment bought more than 4 acres of forest, construction of the " ten mushroom base corridor", through the "company + base + farmer + the market" mode, forest resources " rotation" mode, to ensure that the resources sustainable development, protect the company's supply of raw materials.
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