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    Author:admin Resource:未知 Date:2016/7/22 9:33:49 Popularity: Tags:sanyou-food
    fruiting air-conditioning temperature measures, using eurythermal strains, making products market prices rise sharply. The main measures are:
    A, facilities or equipment requirements cultivation facilities: common edible fungus greenhouse, completed in the spring of production, timely cleaning, the original fungus bag cleaning out, shed cleaning, examining and repairing film, spraying amount of drugs such as sickness to without a trace, to be sterilized. Then, will shed into the water until the water permeability, inside the limestone powder can be jundai to a shelf. Cooling equipment: water temperature air conditioner not only in the summer to cool production, but also in winter to heat up cultivation, one machine, the effect is very good. In the summer of 2006 in the summer season, such as cultivation of letinous edodes, can be used to mushroom shed temperature dropped to 25 - 20 degrees, the use of good results.
    Second, mushroom bag making basic formula: 1800 kilograms of sawdust, wheat bran 200 dry grams, superphosphate 20 kg, 3 kg urea, 20 kg of lime powder, gypsum powder 10 kilograms, special additives of mushrooms 1 kg. Conventional bagging, sterilization, inoculation and fungus management.
    , mushroom bag turn color until all after the completion of the bacteria can be white fungus bag "well" - shaped high code, and covered with plastic film, straw thatch, to raise the temperature at the same time, by adjusting the grass thatch and plastic film covering and night uncovering, a prompt bacteria surface of the bag of white mycelium lodging, second to increase mushroom bag temperature difference, as soon as possible to promote its color change. After removal of the bag, the color management of the fungus rod, to increase the temperature difference and remove the pigment on the bar, should be washed with water, and other management.
    Four, a temperature regulating bud forcing finish color mushroom bag. After drilling and replenishment, you can move into the shed, interval 5cm single-layer emissions, through a water temperature air conditioning of cooling treatment, 1 - 2 days, then execute heat stimulation, shed with the water, light and other stimuli, about a week or so is small mushroom buds. Since then, to maintain regular water, try to narrow the wet difference, to ensure that there is a steady stream of mushroom bud. The stage of basic management index is maintained at a temperature of between 20 to 25 degrees, to minimize; air humidity between the 75% - 95%, due to the thick mushroom pileus, and adapt to the larger humidity difference, so do not worry about high humidity difference will lead to death; through the adjustment of shed roof coverings, strength of Tanauchi Hikaruteru remained at 300 - 1200 lux; adequate ventilation, the studio is fresh air.
    Five, the mushroom management on the plastic film of letinous edodes bag is thick, the mushroom bud can not break the bag, so it is necessary to cut the plastic film. Method is: in the event of the mushroom bud, use a knife to slice the plastic film cut, take care not to hurt the mushroom bud, if managed carefully, the plastic film along the mushroom bud cut a circular port. Only in this way can the greatest degree to avoid the occurrence of mushroom deformity. From the bud after the extended, it entered the stage of mushroom management. The stage should maintain: temperature 20-25 degrees, humidity between the 75%95%, about 500-1000 lux light intensity and proper ventilation. When the pileus diameter of 2 cm or more, can be directly sprayed to the mushroom Hugh mushroom three nutrition essence. When letinous edodes was still under the cap edge situation (Causeway side), but to expand the trend, which should be timely recovery. To a certain extent, the phase temperature and foliar fertilization will determine the yield and quality of letinous edodes. The management of the mushroom is more convenient than the mushroom bag, but because of the naked bacteria, the loss of water during the fruiting period is more, so it should increase the humidity, and should be given the immersion bacteria stick or water injection treatment. Letinous edodes's tidal time is more obvious, when a tide mushroom harvest, the loss of the bacteria bag is more serious, it is necessary to pay water, nutrients, and then to manage and harvest the next tide. Replenishment of the commonly used method is: using original gutters, drains, pits or dig a pit, inside the shop plastic film, will mushroom bag discharged into, from about 20 cm along the shop a plastic film that is concave, in concave filled with water, forms certain pressure, to mushroom bag of pit irrigation, to be filled, maintained for 24 hours, and can drain, mushroom bag to put on the shelves of the mushroom, refer to the above can be managed.
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