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  •         Sanyou ( Suizhou) mushroom research and development center was established in 2010June, by Sanyou ( Suizhou) Limited food and edible fungi in Zhejiang province science and technology innovation service center was established as a joint venture, relying on Sanyou ( Suizhou) food limited company a solid strength and industry resources, integration of edible fungi in Zhejiang Province science and technology innovation service center technical resources, form the advantage of both sides complementary, is committed to the common mushroom new technology, new materials development and promotion.

            Since the establishment of the center, in strict accordance with the high starting point, high standard of requirements for the construction, center has built scientific research, production, office space 1500square meters, pilot test base of more than 40000square meters. Built a comprehensive research and development laboratory, Spawn Preservation room, breeding screening laboratory and other departments in 14, the area amounts to 500square meters, built 4production lines, respectively:
           1, the standard strains breeding production lines, the annual production capacity of 5000000bags.

           2, spawn capsule standardized breeding production lines, the annual production capacity of150000000standard spawn capsule.

           3, edible safety type mineral nutrients production line, annual production safety and organic mineral nutrition products 500 tons.

           4, security mushroom aquasorb production line, annual production safety mushroom water-retaining agent3000 tons.

           Center is equipped with high efficiency and energy saving environmental protection type sterilization pot, automatic bagging machine, high efficiency air purifying filter for spawn capsule, pressing machine, efficient section mill, automatic mixing machine and a series of domestic and foreign advanced production test equipment. In addition the center has a special strains refrigerated cabinet, intelligent biochemical incubator, autoclave, ultra-clean table, test equipment and production equipment. Has a developing mushroom new technology, new materials research and development, demonstration and extension of the condition, can develop edible bacterium breed, training materials, cultivation management technology development and innovation.

             In addition to the advanced facilities and equipment, the center is equipped with a large number of professional and technical personnel and senior experts of the industry, and actively with domestic research institutes, tertiary institutions and other units to carry out technical exchanges and cooperation. At present, the center has a professional and technical personnel and management personnel21 people, in which the director researcher 2 people,12 senior titles,3 people of doctoral, master's 4 people, undergraduate 7 people, have a high professional quality and industry experience, strong technical force.
            The future, center will work closely with local practice, aimed at the industry's latest technology, increase science and technology to develop strength, actively serve the broad masses of the edible mushroom growers, to guide the adoption of new technologies, new materials, new methods for improving the productivity and quality of edible fungi, edible fungus industry healthy development.

  • San You (Suizhou) Food Co,.LED
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    Address:Beijiao Liucaowu Village,Zengdu District,Suizhou City,Hubei Province,P.R.China(441300)